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 Friday 30 September 2022

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Scales from Weylux™ to suit every weighing need in the industry. They are built to a consistently high standard and platform models can be government stamped for trade use.

The Queen scales, as seen on T.V. offer the perfect catering/kithen balance with either metric or imperial weights.

The models shown, Queens, Easiweigh and 165DFX dial platform scales, are just some of those available

Model 165D bench / floor standing

25kg x 50g
50kg x 100g
or 10KG x 200g

Model 850 Bench / floor standing

25kg x 5g
50kg x 10g
or 100kg x 20g

Lbs display at the touch of a button

Easiweigh Digital Scales Lbs or Kg Zero key (to balance off containers)
Powered by long life rechargeable battery, Charging adapter included,
Strong easy to clean case. Flat platter or removeable dished pan.

Standard Accuracy
10kg x 10g/22lb x 1oz
20kg x 20g/44lb x 0.05lb
30kg x 20g/66lb x 0.05lb

Fine Accuracy
3kg x 1g/6lb x 0.002lb
6kg x 2g/13lb x 0.005lb
15kg x 5g/33lb x 0.01lb

Extra Fine Accuracy (for specialised applications
1.1kg x 0.1g
11kg x 1g

SALTER™ Hanging scale
10Kg x 50g
25kg x 100g
50kg x 200g
or 100kg x 500g
Dial diameter 6" (150mm)

Model 818L (with platter)
Very robust
High (1/2g) portion control accuracy
Zero key

Queen (Ref QSS)
Capacity 2Kg with accuracy of 5g
Fitted stainless pan (280 x 180mm)
Choose from 1kg,2kg,2lb or 4lb sets of weights

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Scales from DT Saunders Ltd (image 1)
Scales from DT Saunders Ltd (image 2)
Scales from DT Saunders Ltd (image 3)

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